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TitleThe Mountain Man's Grammar
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Table of Contents
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Preface: The Mountain Man
The Horse before the Travois: Parts of Speech and the Basic Sentence
Dogs and Ponies Pulling the Travois: Identifying Sentence Elements
The Way the Stick Floats: Subject-Verb Agreement
Civilizing Nouns, Verbs, and Other Wild Things
The Ha’r of the B’ar: Mastering the Wily Pronoun
Loading Your Packhorse: Moody Verbs and More of the Advanced Stuff
Counting Coup: Modifying and Modulating with Adjectives and Adverbs
The Tamed Cougar and the Domesticated Mountain Man: Encountering the Elusive Verbal
My Stick Floats with Yours: Conjunctions and Transitions
Claws of the Clause, Forays of the Phrase: Subduing Clauses and Phrases
Smoke Signals: Style and Wile
Usage and Stuff to Make Others Think You’re Smart: The Fancy, Foofaraw Stuff
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