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The Narrative Approach
The Multi -Keyword Book for the Japanese Kanji Radicals

Page 101

100 Sergio Moreno


The Chicago Way

…bottles clinked inside their cardboard case as the trench-coat-clad

gangster clunked them down onto the coffee table. He tossed his

brown derby onto the green velour couch and plopped into a large

leather armchair with a hissing pop.

“Are you laughing or crying?” He growled through his twisted lips

from his scarred face. “I don’t want no trouble, Mr. Capone.” Replied

the man meekly, as he choked on more of his whiny giggles behind

his canine grin. “Try this one here, Mr. Capone, best in Chicago.”

Said Steve, as he uncorked the bottle and the tiny bubbles flowed. The

gangster tipped the champagne glass back as the barkeeper giggled

like a hyena.

“If you don't stop that laughing, I'm going to put a bullet through ya.”

Capone warned. Steve laughed harder.

“You're killing me, boss.” He whined nasally. Capone flicked his

murderous eyes to the jumpy little man.

“You got that right,” said the First Man of Second City as he pulled

the luger from his pocket.

radical 164 酉 / sake

Page 102

The Narrative Approach 101



The Death Ship

...Drake sat amidships, a fat cigar clasped between his jaws as he

growled orders at his crew. The few he thought he could trust had guns

trained on the ones he could not. Hugo Fletch and his band of mates!

Thought Captain Drake, pirates stealing from a pirate captain!

“No!” Drake roared from his perch, “'Tis mutiny most foul, say I.”

Hawsers creaked, rigging flapped and someone broke wind loudly as a

breeze rose from the nearby treasure island. Drake had done this before,

got a crew to bury his treasure and then let them go. Given them a boat

too, he had, and they'd survived, every man jack of them. “Well, not this

time!” Drake's addled, paranoid mind told him the only way to be rid of

these mutineers was to make them walk the plank. He stood, drawing the

long steel at his side and approached the first man.

“Hugo Fletch,” Drake spat the name, “Ye have been sentenced to walk

the plank for the foul crime of mutiny and theft.”

“Now, Captain,” Fletch reasoned, “We never took a brass penny, not one

of us, and we all know you're captain here.” Hugo Fletch looked over the

worn wood of the ship into the azure sea where the sleek, dark forms of

sharks waited with infinite patience.

radical 103 疋 (variant) (⺪) / bolt of cloth

Page 202

Haiti 158

haunted house.

Iceland 139


Isabela Island, Mexico........171

Japan 12
Kentucky, US 137



Lhasa, Tibet, China..............182

Long beach, California, US165

... .. .. .. ... .. ..168
Maine, US .. 18
Mainz, Germany..................183



Modena, Italy.......................184

morgue 124
Moscow, Russia. 11


museum of natural history 120

Nara, Japan

New Guinea 46
New Jersey, US 150
New Orleans, Louisiana, US 48
New York, US 45


Norway 28

nursery school 75
Öland, Sweden 163

Paris, France 32
Peru 149

Prague, Czech Republic........181
Punxsutawney, PA, 155
Qatar 19
restaurant 55
Rhone island, US 154
Rocky Mountains 148

San Francisco, California, US..109

Sardinia , Italy
Scotland. 61


Page 203

Shanghai, China 146
Siberia, Russia 22
slaughterhouse 106
South Korea 127
space station 21
Spain 140
Sparta 24
Stratford, England 122
strip club 143

Tahiti 27

Texas, US 30
Thailand 121
The Hamptons, New York, US..77
The Philippines 133

town hall . 104
treasure island 101


Vatican 157
Vietnam ................173
Wall Street, New York, US 73

Wichita, Kansas, US 47
Wyoming, US 119
Xanadu . 34
Yellowstone National Park,US. 49
yoga center 130
Yukon, Canada 54

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