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Nic Marcy has played the drumset since the age of four. He studied drumset with legendary teachers Tony
Monforte in Binghamton, New York and Alan Dawson at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He
toured with numerous bands in the sixties and seventies and continued to do studio work into the eighties. Nic
has taught drumset in Austin and Round Rock, Texas over the past twenty years and has authored four other
drum books: Exotic Coordination, Exotic Interdependence, Drumset for Musicians Who Don't want to be
Dummies and Solo Drumset.

 About the Author

My wife Karen for her continual support, and my students for believing in me.

Look for the following icons in the text:

Indicates a video is included (in “Pulse of Jazz videos folder”).

Indicates an MP3 is included and shows track number.



Track 6

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Hi-Hat Tickling 

This is a cool, old school hi-hat technique. Place your left stick under the hi-hat cymbals, where it can some-
times play on the hi-hat stand. The right stick is on top, playing the cymba ls and the butt end of the left stick.

You’ll have to use traditional grip for this exercise.

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