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Tick-Tack Treat: A lesson on Win-Win
	The Activity: 	Tick-Tack-Treat
Metaphors and Stories
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ordinary conceptual system, in terms of which we both think and act, is fundamentally 

metaphorical in nature” (p. 3). Later they state, “…metaphor provides a way of partially 

communicating unshared experiences…” (p. 225). Metaphors are an essential learning 

tool: Delozier & Grinder (1987) describe their presentation strategy, “Each day we cycled 

on the same themes so that one day we might be verbally explicit and on another day 

the same theme would appear metaphorically” (p. xvii). Furthermore, Berg (2004) 

recognizes that, “Metaphors provide an avenue to see important elements of social

support, interaction, networking, relationships, and a variety of other socially significant

factors, and allow the researcher to represent action when theorizing about various

explanations or relationships,” (p. 187), thus emphasizing the value or metaphors not

just in running activities, but also in theorizing or identifying relationships in research.

The strategy of delivering a lesson both explicitly and metaphorically is fundamental to

the leadership retreats that I have developed. Furthermore, the use of reflection journals

is an attempt to allow students to synthesize their experience of the explicit/literal

explanations combined with the metaphorical story or activity. It may seem odd to delve

this deeply into the use of metaphors and journaling but leadership skills can be difficult

to teach and I believe that metaphors and reflection help get difficult messages across. 

In fact, delivering a message in metaphor can actually be more meaningful when

teaching leadership concepts. Like the girl in “The Butterfly Story”, (found at:, leadership teachers can make an

experience too easy for the student to complete, and then potential growth and

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