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EFFECTS is sophisticated, but easy to use software to assist you in performing safety analysis. It calculates
the effects and consequences of the accidental release of hazardous materials.

Safety Analysis
EFFECTS is designed for anyone involved with the safe

processing, handling and storage of hazardous materi-

als. This advanced program provides safety professionals

with an efficient software tool for hazard identification,

safety analysis, safety control, quantitative risk analysis

(QRA) and emergency planning.

In these area’s EFFECTS is a valuable tool: it allows users to

predict, calculate and present the physical effects of any ac-

cident scenario with toxic and/or flammable chemicals.

Transparency and traceability
As an independent research organization, TNO stands for

transparency and traceability in the methods used for

safety analysis. The “Yellow Book” provides solid scien-

tific information and is recognized internationally as the

standard reference work for consequence analysis. The

'Green book' 2 describes the relations between

physical phenomena (heat radiation, explosion over-

pressure’s, toxic doses) and resulting damage.

Models incorporated within EFFECTS are described into

detail in these books, making the results both transpar-

ent and traceable.

Calculation models and chemical databases
EFFECTS offers a very large number of different calcula-

tion models. The following types of models are available:

- Release models

- Evaporation models

- Fire models

- Explosion models

- Dispersion models

- Damage models

It comes with a complete chemical database, containing

toxic and flammable values and all thermodynamic prop-

erties. An additional database with over 1650 chemicals

is available as an option. An integrated material editor

allows the usage of your own chemicals.

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