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TitleVSphere Pocketbook 3-Final
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Table of Contents
                            Ch 1 – 
Host Configuration
	Host Design – Scale-Up or Scale-Out?
Rene Van Den Bedem
	VMware ESXi – Async Drivers
Patrick Schulz
	Don’t Forget the Logs
Steve Wood
Ch 2 – Cluster and vCenter Design
	VMware Resource Pools
Eric Shanks
	Doug Baer Tweet
	vCenter is Down – Impact on Vmware 
Mariusz Kaczorek
	Amit Rathod Tweet
	Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) 
Best Practices
Dee Abson
	What Does Load Balancing the Platform 
Services Controller Really Give You?
William Lam
Ch 3 – Storage Configuration
	The Ultimate IOPS Cheat Sheet
Bas van Kaam
	Daemon Behr Tweet
	Determine Your vSphere Storage Needs
Michael Wilmsen
	Patrick Schulz Tweet
	vSphere Replication – Consider These Points Before Using It 
Craig Kilborn
	Know the Minions
Chethan Kumar
	Understanding Block Sizes in a Virtualized Environment
Pete Koehler
Ch 4 – Network and Security Design
	vSphere 6.0 – Configure VMware Certificate Authority As A Subordinate CA
Kyle Jenner
	Security Design – ISO27001:2013
Larus Hjartarson
	NSX Edge vs. Shield Edge
Anthony Spiteri
	vSphere and NFV Tuning Consideration
Niels Hagoort
Ch 5 – VM Configuration
	Safely Check/Remove Orphaned VMDK Files from ESXi
Myles Gray
	Hyper-Threading Gotcha with Virtual 
Machine vCPU Sizing
Chris Wahl
	Make Sure Time Service for Your vSphere Infrastructure is Robust
Ather Beg
	Containers, VMs and unikernels
Rutger Kosters
Ch 6 – Management
	vRealize Operations Manager 6.2: What to Consider in a vROps Design
Pietro Piutti
	Andrew Mauro Tweet
	VCSA vs Windows vCenter - Which One do I Chose, and Why?
Christian Mohn
Ch 7 – Words of Wisdom
	One Weird Trick to Virtualize Monster 
Vmsconsultants Hate This
Matt Leibowitz
	Design Considerations – Words of Wisdom
Amit Rathod
	VCSA vs Windows vCenter - Which One do I Chose, and Why?
Christian Mohn
	Jacob Pennington Tweet
	Datacenter Management is the Killer Use Case for Big Data analytics Frank Denneman

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