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Te ystic Te ystic ealms-ealms-andering- ero- egendandering- ero- egend

uxia and artial rt antay in the ertoriu nivere

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judge. While innoene i not aumed, or an a-
uation to have any weight there mu be evidene
that a rime wa ommitted. Alo, to make an au-
ation one mu fir make a payment to the judge
(thi i a longanding uom). orture i requent-
ly ued to extrac a oneion. I the rime require
anything more evere than orporeal punihment it
i uually reviewed by a preecural magirate.

ere are extenive law in the Daolin ate o Qi
Xien, but all all under the moral anva o Dehua
and begin with filial reponibility. While there are
many law, the mo undamental are the ollowing:
law again treaon, law againt diturbing the

peae, law againt murder (partiularly o amily
member), law againt inet, law againt unfilial
behavior, law again adultery, and law againt
thef. In Zhan Dao veneration o Hen-Shi i ricly
orbidden and punihable by ae branding.

Not all are equal beore the law in Qi Xien. One’
oial atu and one’ relation to the vicim o a
rime matter when judgment i iued. For example,
riking parent or grandparent i punihable by
death. Striking an elder or a ibling an earn one
three year hard labor. A ervant who kill a maer
i punihed by death. A maer who kill a ervant
i punihed by year o hard labor.

ere are nine bai punihment poible in Qi Xien.
Note that the fir five only exi offiially in the Zhan
Dao Empire and are anient pracie reintrodued

by the urrent emperor:

Phoenix Spirit Disruption/Extraion:Phoenix Spirit Disruption/Extraion: i i a
very old punihment that i offiially no longer in
ue (though ome whiser that the emperor ill
employ it). Originally it wa ued a a way o alter-
ing the disoition o unrepentant riminal but it
ame to be ued a a punihment or adulterer or
anyone deerving o seial treatment or their
rime. i require the Phoenix Spirit Diruption
Kung Fu ehnique or the Extrac Phoenix Spirit
Ritual (muh more evere) to be ahieved.

Face branding or tattooing:Face branding or tattooing: Criminal are uually
branded upon the ae. i i ommonly ued or
thieve and bandit (when lenieny i hown).

Disfigurement:Disfigurement: Mainly thi involve utting the
ae or removing the noe. i i a punihment
reerved or anyone who ommit ine.

Amputation: Amputation: i i ued a punihment or seak-
ing again the emperor in the Zhan Dao Empire. It
i eseially effecive beaue thi mark i believed
to arry over into the next lie.

Caration:Caration: e teile are removed a punihment
or rime like adultery.

Confinement:Confinement: e peron i plaed under houe
arre, ofen to a ingle room. i i a punihment
or emale adulterer. It uually la - year.

Death:Death: i punihment i only given to men. Be-
heading, rangulation, liing and quartering are
all aeptable method. Women annot be exeuted
but they an be ored to ommit uiide. i pun-
ihment i given or treaon, riking one parent,
ommitting multiple murder, and o orth.

Forced Labor:Forced Labor: i i a orrecive punih ment that
alo erve the ate’ need or publi work. i i
uually a month o labor though it an la uban-
tially longer in extreme ae. It i ommonly applied
to unfilial ac, ailure to pay taxe, and murder.

Lashing:Lashing: i i or relatively minor offene and i
een a a orrecive method o punihment. Gener-
ally thi never exeed blow. i i ofen ued
again people who ommit unfilial ac that do not
warrant ored labor.

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Glorious Emperor 97Glorious Emperor 97

Year of the ElephantYear of the Elephant

Nam id velit non Nam id velit non risus consequat iaculis.risus consequat iaculis.

Emerald Monk Moon. A lucky time for personal growth, for

fighting, but an unlucky time for making amends. This is a time
for settling scores and grudges.

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