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TitleWater Treatment Guidelines For Use in Emergencies
TagsWater Water Purification Filtration Chlorine Bleach
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Table of Contents
                            2.  Assessing water quality
	2.1  Suspended solids (NTU)
	2.2  Microbiological (faecal coliforms)
	2.3  Acidity/alkalinity (pH)
	2.4  Iron
	2.5  Salinity (TDS/Conductivity)
	2.6  Chemical
3.  Treatment technologies
	3.1  Suspended solids removal/reduction
	3.1.1  Treatment at intake
	3.1.2  Sedimentation
	3.1.3  Coagulation and flocculation
	3.1.4  Roughing filtration – upflow prefilters
	3.2  Microbiological improvements
	3.2.3  Slow Sand Filtration
Appendix 1, WHO water quality guidelines.
Appendix 3 Treatment system monitoring forms

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