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   t   t
   i  n
   t  a
  r   t

Getting Started 

Copying an ID Card

 Load side 1 of the ID card on the document


  Access the ID Card Copy  screen - if necessary select the [Features] button on the

control panel.

 Select the required side 1 Image Quality features on the Touch Screen.

 Press [Start].

NOTE: Side 1 of the card is only scanned once.

 Load side 2 of the ID card on the document glass.

 Select the required side 2 Image Quality features on the Touch Screen.

 Select the number of copies required.

 Press [Start].

NOTE: Side 2 of the card is scanned and both sides are printed to a single side output.

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Quick Use Guide Page 33


NOTE: For additional Troubleshooting information please refer to the Interactive User Guide
CD (CD2) or the System Administration CD (CD1).

Fault Clearance

When a fault occurs, a fault screen

displays which provides recovery


 Follow these instructions to clear

the fault.

NOTE: Any printed sheets removed
will automatically be reprinted once

the paper jam is cleared.

2  Paper Jams
 The fault screen will indicate the

location of the jam.

 Use the green handles and knobs

indicated in the instructions displayed

on the screen to remove the jammed


 Ensure that all jam clearance handles

and levers are returned to their

correct positions. The red flashes
behind the jam clearance handles

and levers should not be visible.

NOTE: Jam Clearance areas vary
depending on your machine model and


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